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#10  Friday, June 3, 2011  Update of This Page




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Thursday, June 2, 2011, we announced our goal to provide one million new jobs without the help of the government, Democrats, or Republicans.  Now, in order to prevent President Obama and the Democrats from taking credit for the one million new jobs we may wait until after the 2012 Presidential Election to provide these jobs.


Currently, our primary business is Bisconti Technologies, Inc.


We are still developing the following manifesto:



The American Patriot Business Manifesto


1.      Americans will be hired before foreigners.


2.      Americans will be trained before foreigners.


3.      Americans will be trained in-house before foreigners are hired.


4.      Foreigners will only be given temporary jobs; once American workers are found or trained the foreign workers will be let go.


5.      American manufacturing companies will be promoted before foreign manufacturing companies.


6.      American suppliers will be used before foreign suppliers.


7.      American suppliers will be used before foreign suppliers even if the American suppliers cost a little more.






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